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regret is a library for deprecating functionality in Python libraries and applications.

Its documentation lives on Read the Docs.


regret can deprecate:

  • [x] callables
    • [x] functions

    • [x] classes
      • [ ] subclassable classes

  • [ ] attributes
    • [ ] of modules

    • [ ] of classes (& methods)

    • [ ] of instances

  • [ ] descriptors
    • [ ] classmethod

  • [ ] modules
    • [ ] current module

    • [ ] other module

  • [ ] parameters to callables
    • [x] previously required parameters that will be removed

    • [x] optional parameters that are now required

    • [ ] deprecated values for parameters

    • [ ] type changes for parameters

    • [ ] mutual exclusion

  • [ ] interfaces
    • [ ] PEP 544 protocols

    • [ ] zope.interfaces

  • [x] inheritability of a class

Design Goals#

regret is meant to cover all of the deprecations an author may encounter.

It is intended to:

  • be versioning system agnostic (i.e. SemVer, CalVer, HipsTer, etc.), because deprecations originate from a version, a point in time, or both.

  • be documentation system aware (i.e. Sphinx, epydoc, Plaintext, etc.), because deprecations need communication.

  • be itself fully tested, because deprecations must not break the code they deprecate

  • support removal date indication, and likely “policies” which automate choosing default removal dates, because deprecations ultimately intend some ultimate change

  • make “clean code” trivially easy to deprecate, and make complex code possible to deprecate, because the deprecation process is fraught with edge cases and unforeseen necessity.

  • minimize the amount of deprecation-related code required for authors, since deprecations are boring, and we all want to focus on developing our libraries instead.

In particular, as a lofty first milestone, it is intended to cover all of the specific deprecations required for these jsonschema issues, and with luck, to subsume all the functionality present in twisted.python.deprecate.